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 Veeder Root Tank Probe

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We have been rebuilding tank probes for over 20 years. We service models manufactured by Gilbarco and Veeder Root. All come with a 10 day money back guarantee(less shipping) and a 6 month warranty.

Magnetorestrictive probe technology provides the inches and volume levels of an underground or above ground storage tank. Commonly referred to as mag probes or mag plus probes. Replacement probes are available in various lengths.

Standard Mag

4' VR-847391-201
4’ VR-847390-101
5’ VR-847391-202
5’ VR-847390-102
5’4” VR-847391-203
5’4” VR-847390-103
6’ VR-847391-204
6’ VR-847390-104
7’ VR-847391-205
7’ VR-847390-105
7’6” VR-847391-206
7’6” VR-847390-106
8’ VR-847391-207
8’ VR-847390-107
9’ VR-847391-208
9’ VR-847390-108
9’6” VR-847391-217
9’6” VR-847390-117
10’ VR-847391-209
10’ VR-847390-109

10’6” VR-847391-210
10’6” VR-847390-110
11’ VR-847391-211
11’ VR-847390-111
12’ VR-847391-212
12’ VR-847390-112
2.0M VR-847391-213
2.5M VR-847391-214
2.67M VR-847391- 216

4' VR-846391-201
5’ VR-846391-202
5’4” VR-846391-203
6’ VR-846391-204
7’ VR-846391-205
7’6” VR-846391-206
8’ VR-846391-207
9’ VR-846391-208
9’6” VR-846391-217
10’ VR-846391-209
10’6” VR-846391-210
11’ VR-846391-211
12’ VR-846391-212
2.0M VR-846391-213
2.5M VR-846391-214
2.67M VR-846391-216
3.0M VR-846391-215

3.0M VR-847391-215


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