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Ruby Thermal Printer


RJV3200-R Rocker switch model FREE technical support with purchase


If you are replacing the 55556-01 and the 55557 printer pair please let us know and we will include the adapter necessary to eliminate both printers with one rjv3200.

The New Ruby RJV-3200 thermal printer was designed to replace a TMU-950 printer used on Ruby super systems in gas stations and convenience stores.

The New Ruby RJV-3200 thermal printer works with Ruby and Sapphire systems also.

This unique printer could save hundreds of rolls of paper and $$$ in its lifetime.

It uses a standard roll of thermal paper to produce reports and receipts.

The printer has a built in memory system to memorize what is usually printed on a journal roll.

You can print the journal any time, if and when you need it. The memory will store the information of 20 full rolls of journal paper, before it over writes its memory.

Simple paper changes is a valuable feature of this printer.

Fewer moving parts in this printer, far extends its life time past a TMU-950 printer.

Replaces both the 55556-01 and the 55557 printer pair. You will only need this one printer!

This printer uses a switch to change its operating modes, With the switch off, the printer operates normally, printing receipts and reports for the cashier as need. With the switch on, the printer will ask you which part of the journal you would like to print. Then it will print it.

There are no programming changes needed to be made to the Ruby system to use the new RJV-3200. Each printer is shipped with a cable, power supply and instructions.


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